“Supermom wasn’t a bad job description. The pay was lousy if you were talking about real money. But the payoff was priceless in so many other ways.”
― Roxanne Henke

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.”
― Emma Goldman

Since early childhood, goals and achievements have kept me moving forward in academia, professional development, and cultural activities. I knew that I was capable of anything. However, I lived life skimming over the present while in fervent preparation for the future.

My understanding of success, and thus motivation for it, drastically changed once I accepted the roles of wife, mother, and graduate student. Notoriety and a 6-figure paycheck no longer fueled my desire to succeed. It’s now my God, my family, myself…and sugar cookies. Lots and lots of sugar cookies :)

And all of this helps me lead a life where I live for everyday and not just every major milestone.

Becoming a mother definitely helped me come to that conclusion. I’m sure any parent reading this can sympathize with trading all of the fast paced goal-chasing for the simple pleasures of life, like using the bathroom without a tiny chaperone or eating just one cookie without hearing “Gimme some”.

This blog covers the adventures and simple pleasures I relish in as a mommy.


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